Estates of Judith's Fancy

St. Croix neighborhood, US Virgin Islands


Articles of Incorporation




(As Amended)

28 February 1980

WE, the undersigned, desiring to form a non~profit corporation pursuant to the provisions of Title 13, Chapter 3 of the General Corporation law, do hereby certify as follows:

FIRST: That the name of the corporation is:


SECOND: That the purposes for which it is to be formed are to do any and all of the things hereinafter set forth to the same extent as natural persons might or could do, namely:

1. To take and hold title to such roadways, rights of way, easements, electric, water and sewer line:, and drainage facilities as now exist, or as may be developed in Estates of Judith's Fancy, or in land contiguous thereto, and to develop, re­pair, maintain and control the use of the same.

2. To take and hold title to such park, ocean front and other recreational areas and facilities as may be dedicated and conveyed to said corporation, or purchased by it, in Estates of Judith's Fancy, or ~'n land contiguous thereto, and to develop, repair, maintain and control the use of the same.

3. To take and hold title to land and facilities as in (1) and (2) above described or to lease land, and to develop. repair, maintain and control the use of the same, for the common benefit of all owners or plots in Estates of Judith's Fancy as are members of this corporation.

4. To assume, perform, and enforce the rights, duties an obligations of the Governing Body as set forth in the Restrictive Covenants on Estates of Judith's Fancy, including, without limita­tions, the duty to approve or disapprove all building plans or plot plans, and to approve or designate the location or relocation of all utility lines and areas, and in general by all appropriate means to provide a united effort of the members to preserve and protect the value of the properties of the members of the Corporation including the safe and quiet enjoyment thereof.

5. To borrow money, with or without pledge or mortgage upon all or any of its property, real or personal, as security, as to purchase and own, or rent or lease, such machinery, equipment and tools as may be necessary to its needs in the development, repair and maintenance of its land, areas, and facilities.


Judith's Fancy

Articles of Incorporation

6. To take, buy1 purchase, exchange. hire, lease or other­wise acquire1 real estate and property, either improved or unimproved, and any interest or right therein, and to own, hold, control, main­tain, manage and develop the same.

7. To sell, manage. improve, develop, assign, transfer, convey, lease, sublease, pledge or otherwise aliente or dispose of, and to mortgage or otherwise encumber the lands, buildings, real property, chattels, real and other property of the company, real and personal, and wheresoever situate, and any and all legal and equit­able rights therein.

8. In general, to carry on the business in connection with the foregoing, and to have and exercise all of the powers conferred by Chapter 3, Title 13. of the General Corporation law, and to do any and all of the things thereinbefore set forth, to the same extent as natural persons might or could do, and in any part of the world.

9. The foregoing clauses shall be construed both as object and powers and except where otherwise expressed such objects and powers shall be in no wise limited- or restricted by reference to, or inference, from the terms of any other clause in this certificate of incorporation, but the objects and powers so specified shall be regarded as independent objects and powers, and it is hereby express­ly provided that the foregoing enumeration of specific powers shall not be held to limit or restrict in any manner the powers of the corporation.

THIRD: That the location of the principal office of the corporation in the Virgin Islands in I Judith's Fancy, Christiansted, St. Croix, and the name and address of the resident agent, upon whom process may be served, is Julio Lago, Christiansted, St. Croix.

FOURTH: That this corporation shall commence to do business imme­diately and the continuance or the duration of this corporation is to be perpetual.

FIFTH: The terms of admission to membership of this corporation are as follows:

Any owner (including husband and wife as a single owner) of one or more lots, plots, or parcels of land of the Estates of Judith's Fancy, Queen's Quarter and Company Quarter, St. Croix, and more particularly described as


Judith's Fancy

Articles of Incorporation

Remainder Estate Judith's Fancy, Matr. No. 1, Northside Quarter B. Matr. No. 1, Queen's Quarter and Matr. No. 34, Company Quarter (comprising 336.534 U.S. acres, mare or less), St. Croix, Virgin Islands of the United States, by Warranty Deed dated December 12. 1956, recorded in the office the Recorder of Deeds, Christiansted, St. Croix. V.1., in Photocopy Register No. V, page 175. as Document No. 701,

by the purchase of such lot or late, thereupon becomes a member this corporation.

The common beneficial contribution, equitably, of all members and owners to the costs of maintenance, repairs and development of roadways and common land and facilities is of the essence to the success of this corporation.

SIXTH: The highest amount of indebtedness or liability to which the corporation shall at any time be subject shall be $50,000.00.

SEVENTH: The affairs of this corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors or not less than three members, all of whom shall be members of the corporation. They shall be elected by the members of the corporation at the annual meeting of members to be held on the last Wednesday of February of each year. Officers of the corporation shall consist of President, vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer, and such additional officers, all as shall be chosen b the Board of Directors at their annual meeting held an the same d as the meeting of members above provided. Officers of the corporation and their duties, salaries and removal from office shall be determined by the Directors and as provided far in the By-laws o~ this corporation.

EIGHTH, The By-laws of this corporation may be adopted or amended at any time by a two-thirds (2/3)-majority vote of the members of the corporation provided notice of the substance of the proposed adoption or amendment is stated in the notice of the annual meeting. Alternatively, the By-laws of the corporation maybe adopted or amended by a two-thirds vote of the Board of directors subject, however, to the right of the members to emend, repeal, alter, or modify such By-laws by a two-thirds vote at the next annual meeting except the directors may make no amendment altering the date of the annual meeting, provisions regarding the removal of directors, or amendment of the By-laws.

NINTH: The articles of incorporation of this corporation may be amended when authorized by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members comprising the membership of this corporation, given at a meeting, or by the written consent of all the members without a meeting. Such


Judith's Fancy

Articles of Incorporation

amended articles shall be executed and acknowledged by the officer in whom the management of the affairs of the corporation is vested and shall be filed and indexed in the same place and manner as these original articles.

TENTH: Names and places of residence of the officers forming this corporation as of 15 October, 19B0, are as follows:

Julio Lago, President, Plot 2-G-A Judith's Fancy

Jack Worth, Treasurer, Plot 64, Judith1s Fancy

Carolyn Zielinski, Secretary, Plot 151, Judith's Fancy

I, Carolyn Zielinski, Secretary of the Estates of Judith's Fancy Owners' Association, Inc., hereby certify that the foregoing are the Articles of Incorporation approved by the Members of the Association at the Annual Meeting held February 28, 1980.


Carolyn Zielinski, Secretary

Witnessed whereof: the the parties have set their hands and sealsthis fifteenth day of October, 1980


Julio Lago, President


Jack Worth, Treasurer